Tuesday, 31 July 2012

its ireland,its summer,so its hats away!!!

Bacause of this physco weather a hat is vital so you dont have to wear a coat!!
excuse my crap posing,its my first outfit post!!
black milk leggings,riverisland fedora hat,primark demin shirt,h&m wedges!

Acne,the good the bad and the ugly

ACNE,the big the bad and the ugly!!!

i have suffered from spots and eventually acne from i was about 13,horrible thing for anyone to have.It completley ruins confidenc,effecting us more than people know.I hated talking to boys as i didnt want to be ridiculed by them,and ended up being called a snob as i wouldnt talk to them,self esteem dropped as the spots grew in mass and size and i became very intreverted and completly self conscious!Most teenage girls reactions to spots are slap on as much foundation as possible,andbeing older and wiser now IT DOES NOT WORK...IT LOOKS WORSE!!!!But were not to be told at such a young age(mothers know best)so i am here to tell you i feel your pain and im here to help;
firstly you must educate yourself on what causes spots and acne so yo really understand why this is happening to YOU:(basically it is a hormone imballance in your body caused by free radicals.These impurities in our bodies have to get out somehow,SPOTS!!
next question you should ask,what causes free radicals in the body(mainly liver)an abudance of things of not eating properly,eating the wrong foods,food alergys,and what i believe my reason to be,underage drinking im ashamed to say but id say the vast population of teenagers do it.
Now the next question..... what can i do to stop the spots/acne.Eating properly will help alot,stay away from sugary foods,especially fizzy drinks,the worst thing you can put into your body!!!You need to detox,the liver especially!!A good liver detox minerals and milk thistle,there are also lots of naturalfoods like lemons and green tea that help the body detox,evening primrose oil is a good hormonal balanching vitamin and the best supplement i can suggest that totally changed my life is called Bio-sellinium, which can be bought from holland and barret1,it contains all the vitamins you will need for your skin to repair including zinc!vital for skin repair!And of course WATER!!!!!

Now for the cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin,my fav products are.... 1.Nutrogena gentle exfoliate with scrublet 2.St.Ives blemish prone body scrub 3.Dark angels by lush 4.Cetaphil face cleanser(available from amazon and reccomended from dermatologist) 5.Tea -tree face toning water by Lush (so refreshing) 6.Cetaphil moisturizer 7.simple moisturizing cream for sensitive skin and a little miracle product No7 intense beauty serum!!

i hope this helps any of you out there suffering form spots and acne but if it is severe consult your docter,but do NOT let them fob you off with creams and ointments and pills if your a girl,this does not cure acne!!you will be left with acne scars like me,demand to be prescribed a course of Roaccutane,yes it is an intense treatment but for severe acne it works the best!!!!

Another tip for looking for products and make up,look for non- comeodogenic and oil free:)